Social analytics would be the next wave after web analytics. Many companies are seeking social analytics service, but unfortunately there are no vendors. It’s the time to hit the market with a complete social analytics solution.

Social Presence Analytics - This service can include keyword search, mentions and brand presence in the social media space. Example vendors include: SocialMention, IceRocket, Backtweets, Topsy, and hundreds more.

Social Analytics – This service should be similar to web analytics with options of filters, segments, visulaisation, KPI’s etc. Example Analyze vendors include: Alterian SM2, Omniture SocialAnalytics, Radian6, Sysomos, and many more.

Project Management – This service will be similar to social analytics service above, but facilitate users to delegate work flow and integrate engagement capabilities. Example Engage vendors include: Crimson Hexagon, Hootsuite, Objective Marketer, Collective Intellect, and many more.

Business Intelligence – This is the advanced social analytics service integrated with business intelligence solution. It’s a hosted service offering with BI integrated with social analytics KPI and matrices. Example Facilitate vendors include: Mzinga, Pluck, Ning, Lithium, Jive, Telligent and many more.

Social Management – This service facilitates aggregation of all social media efforts, with social analytics. Example Manage vendors include: BatchBook, Flowtown, Salesforce Chatter, Yammer and many more.